Should I be concerned that the guy I'm dating is messaging another girl?

I've been dating this guy for two months (we're just seeing each other at the moment, we aren't in a relationship), and everything has been going great.

He's very affectionate towards me, he's very open, we regularly spend time together, and he's even introduced me to his mother. However, we met up recently at a sports game, and he took out his phone. I saw him log onto (the dating site) and start messaging another girl, asking for her number.

He didn't try to hide his phone, we were sat right next to each other and he held it there right in front of me, he wasn't turning it away or anything. I wasn't exactly being discreet about watching him either, he could see me looking. So part of me thinks I shouldn't worry, I mean, if there was something major going on with this girl behind my back, surely wouldn't be so blatantly obvious about it?

I left it half an hour, then I came right out with it and asked him if I'm the only girl he's seeing, and he said yes. In fact, he told me about the girl he was messaging -said she was his 'friend'- and that she was somewhere at the game too. He even pointed her out to me in the crowd. So, do you think I have anything to worry about?


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  • Normally I would say that you're only dating, so you and him can date as many people as you want. But for him to pull out his phone on a date and ask another girl for her number is blatant disrespect! You don't go onto POF to message "friends" for their number, maybe Facebook. I don't like that at all!

  • he sound like he is being honest but maybe you should ask the girl just to make sure, like ask are they friends or what,


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