Guys! mind games- why would a guy do this?

i dont' care about this person, he was a friend of a friends whose house I was staying at on vaca. he dates SUPER hot women By the way.

when he first me me again ( we've met many times) he stared at me and said we've met, I agreed pretty neutrally. he then turned and went. wow that girl was super hot. I was like oh OK, didn't react just thought it was weird someone would do that.

later on the night, he kept on touching my leg., I moved away at first and then gave up because I was drunk.

at one point, he was showing me how the air conditioner worked in the bedroom, I followed him and kept my distance. made sure there was at least a metre between us, didn't react. he also mentioned another hot girl again later on the night.

what happened? I wasn't hitting on him, he had broken up with his girlfriend earlier. I was good friends with his friend and was staying at his house so I wasn't about to make things weird by making out with anyone. also, I had dated his roommate like seven years ago...

i think he was playing mind games, like I'm going to hit on this girl, make her doubt herself, maybe make her think she has a chance with me but I don't really like her at all. he dates like bikini models. I'm pretty enough but I'm definitely not "in the league" of the girls he really goes for, nor do I really care. each to their own. I've dated hot guys it's not a big deal. he's pretty good looking and maybe in a alternative scenario I would have thought oh ok.

so what was he trying to do? was he hitting on me? or was he just being a douche bag, leading me on in some ways...just to show that he could.


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  • weird, don't know what's going on there.