What's up with him?

its been 3 yrs...he knows me online through twitter. he has a gf...gave me plenty of attention and flirting. he hasn't broken up with her and hasn't asked me out..

he's jealous if someone flirts with me online and recently started playing head games...for example, I said I went on a super date...he tweeted a pic of a cup with lipstick on it.

what is his prob ? he is in a different country...y doesn't he cut me out...why did he flirt if he doesn't want to date...y does he want my attention ? WHY ? I am so mad ! will he break up with her ? how will we date ? what's holding him ?


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  • I don't want this to sound mean but I think you have made him feel like he can have his cake and eat it too. Since you know he has a girlfriend and you guys flirt he has the best of both worlds. This was just my first thought after reading your question. It may not the what it is at all. But my opinion and I hope you don't take it as me being rude telling you that. I think he gives you the attention because he knows he can get away with it. I mean think about it, he's been doing this for three years now, he's gotten a high off you being there for him to flirt with. Not that you are doing anything wrong by being a friend, but it just doesn't seem fair to you. He has the girlfriend, he flirts with you sometimes, and you are waiting for him to possibly ask you out. Good Luck Girl! Let us know what else is happening! :)

  • You, my dear, are friend zoned by a flirt. Nothing more. Nothing else.