Is he being sincere or fake?

This guy and I met on a dating site. there's a mutual attraction from day 1. His heart races every time with me and he gets "hard" just by kissing me or looking at my photograph.

He does have a medical problem which he ha told me about right from day 1. He even told my mom about it when he met her. He also told my mom all these good things about me: I'm pretty, sweet, nice, smart and tht I have a lot going for me.

He changed his mind about wanting an actual girlfriend because of his hectic work schedule and medical problem. He also told my mother that there is no other girl in the picture.

He was about to let me go but then he met my mother and he came back and he still wants to cntinue seeing me but not take thngs to the next level just yet - maybe later on...

is he beiing sincere? or is he making excuses?

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wuld he have come t meet/ talk to my mom if he had something to hide?


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  • Miss anonymous, I would really like to invite you to ask yourself one thing: if you liked a guy, would you treat him this way and cause him so much confusion? Because yes people make mistakes but I am betting you wouldn't treat someone like this. If you don't want to be unhappy, then choose not to be. Tons of guys out there are desperate to meet you, and keep this one on a hook until he learns some actright.

    • so do you think he has any feelings at all?

      his heart does race...

  • Sounds like he doesn't want to commit, I bet he still has an online profile, go make a fake profile search for him then try to talk to him, then you know if you're getting played.

    U sound so sweet I'm sure you'll find someone to have a loving relationship with soon.

    • he closed his profile and he met my mom

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