Don't know why I am so nervous?

Well I have gone on multiple dates with different girls. I have kissed a couple of them. Yet I still feel just as nervous with each date. I am dating this girl now and I am still very nervous with her (we have gone on three dates). One of the main things is that I don't know what to do, I just keep trying different things. Yet I am expecting her to just drop me like a bad habit, because she will think I am boring. I am a home body and tend to be a loner, but I still try to take her out and show her a good time and keep in contact. Yet I am still thinking she will move on to somebody better like all the other girls that have done, especially if she finds out I am a virgin and never had a girlfriend (each and every girl I have dated have asked me and never fails for them to drop me normally after the third date). Now I am on my third date with this girl, I haven't kissed her yet. I want to but when it comes to the time for me to do it, it is just like uhh abort abort. Just need help to get over my nervousness and actually be the "G" that I need to be.


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  • Maybe doing formal dating is too much pressure at this stage. Why not try going out in groups, maybe people from a class you are taking together, or a club you join for people with a similar interest? Try chatting with people in a more informal setting rather than always one-on-one.

    For one thing, you lack of experience won't be apparent in that setting. And itmight lead to your GETTING some experience, in a spontaneous way, while on an outing in a group!

  • Life is too short to worry so much. Relax smile and enjoy your time with her. It really is that simple. Take it slow and enjoy. Look at her, look into her eyes, tell her you like her and start to kiss her neck and her cheeks and then her mouth. Wear some nice cologne but not too much. don't plan anything and don't worry about what you will do. Be spontaneous.