I was dating a guy and now we aren't but still talk every day. What do I do?

I was dating a guy for about six months and we started to argue about outside things instead of focusing on us. Ultimately it lead to him ending things. When he ended it I was crushed. Now three months later we still talk on a daily basis yet he says his feelings have changed and that he just can't see me and him hanging out being a good idea right now. But says that he doesn't want to tell emit could happen in the future but also doesn't want to tell me it couldn't because he doesn't want to lie. I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose him but staying in constant contact to him almost hurts more than just cutting him off. He still cares but just not as much? I don't know. I need insight. It's almost like its mixed emotions yet he is being honest with me. What should I do? Why does he want to stay in contact with me daily but not be with me?


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  • It seems like he wants some part of your previous relationship without having all of it. That doesn't really make sense or seem like a very sensible approach. It puts your life and your emotions on hold and not in the best of all places. He also lays claim on you and your time without committing anything in return. I think that if he doesn't want to be with you now, you should not look to some future time when that could change but probably won't. If he does not want you, let him go. If he decides later that he does, he can always come back but he risks losing you to someone else. That is the price for not committing.


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