Guy super close with his family doesn't usually involve me. Any advice?

I've been dating this guy for about a year and his parents live right next door to him. His grandma also lives a few doors down from him as well. He's 34 and extremely close with them all which is fine, I like someone with good family values. His seem to kind of go the extreme and I'm not sure if I am overreacting but it seems like he is kind of a mamas boy. During the week we are both pretty busy with work. He just started a new job as a pharmaceutical rep and I work full time and go to school during the week. I've met his family several times (not as many as one would think considering they live right next door). He has dinner with them just about every single night after he gets out of work and every Sunday they kind of have a family day. Sunday morning he heads over to his grandmas house for breakfast (waffles and I am not a huge fan of waffles) and this is something he has been doing for years. Since we have been dating he has skipped "waffles" a total of 2 times to grab a bagel with me. This has only been because we had plans to go somewhere to do something. Never once has he ever invited me to go have waffles with him and his grandma...and if I stay over Saturday night into Sunday morning he is pretty much ready to kick me out so he can go see his grandma. The same thing applies to Sunday afternoon. His family has dinner at 2 pm (which kind of kills the day and any fun things we might do that afternoon together) and he never invites me. Since we have been dating I have been out with his parents once to a restaurant to "meet" them and then to a bbq they had at their house, and the last time for a birthday bbq he had at his families house. The third time his "guy friend" was also invited so it didn't feel like a real getting to know the family kind of thing. He has also taken trips to visit his extended family in the next state over several times and never invited me. He takes the drive in with his parents. Am I overreacting or is it kind of rude how this guy never includes me? I have invited him to family functions to which he attends and comes. I have mentioned that I would like to go to some of these things. His family doesn't know me well enough to dislike me, so I don't think its that. They know we are dating, all they have to do is look out their window and see my car in front of his house since they live next door. Don't they find it kind of weird how he never includes me or thinks to ask if I wanna join? I don't mind that he spends time with his family, but maybe we could all spend time together sometimes since the main time we spend any time together is on the weekend. He does go there every single day after work to eat dinner with them. Am I being unreasonable? He has never been married or engaged and has no kids by the way so its nothing like that either. Any advice is appreciated.

Also I mentioned I am not a huge waffle fan, he doesn't know that I'm not a huge fan of waffles. I might have casually mentioned that once but most people have a slice of bread if their house, I could always have a piece of toast. The point is I find it rude how he is all ready to kick me out to go to her house when if I'm staying over I kind of feel like he should a. invite me to come along or b. go get breakfast with me..whichever one he prefers to do..but not expect me to just bounce


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  • People say that when a guy fails to include you with family and close friends it means he is not truly letting you into his life and does not see a future with you. You are not being unreasonable, he is.