Why hasn't he popped the question?

So I met a guy about a month ago, we text everyday as well as say hi and hug on our way to our next class, we flirt through text and we both know as of yesterday that we both know we like each othet, we planned on hanging out at the park next weekend , but why hasn't he asked the question , he is a capricorn man , says they're all about patience but if we both know we like each other then why has n't he popped the question..it still is footbsll season could that be why?

( Asked me out ) sorry for the misunderstanding


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  • Us women like labels more than men. We want to feel committed they feel tied down. Just had this discussion with a male friend today, he said the girl he is seeing says they are not in a "real relationship" what does that mean? I told him if he wants to call her his girlfriend and plans to be exclusive no harm in putting a label on it. And that if you guys don't label it, we assume you may not be exclusive with us (not always true but many men don't have a girlfriend so they don't have to be exclusive). I know he likes her and is exclusive, he talks about her to me often.

    My other male friend was with someone a 3 or 4 weeks before they "labeled" it, I guess he had said they would wait a few months...lol. But I think for him it was label it or we're not going to "hook up" anymore.

    Don' rush him but also don't assume you're exclusive if he is hesitating. Not that you aren't. a month really isn't a long time, especially depending on how far you have taken things.

    • We just went on our first date, had our first kiss ,he said itbwas the highlight of his winter break vacation, yet we aren't official not sure what I should expect from him ,been texting me daily now ,calls me a cutie quite a lot , seems interested clearly ,think he's taking it slow or just doesn't want something serious? I already told him I'm not going all the way with him and he said that he would wait for me.

    • See where it goes. Never enter into "dating" thinking there will be a relationship it is too early to expect anything in my opinon. You posted a month ago, you met him the month before and it as taken until now for the first date. Without knowing the person we can only guess he's shy, not looking for anything serious or wanting to take things slow. You decide if moving too slow is what you want or not. Good luck.

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  • yeah, just a heads up "popped the question" is a referral to marriage FYI. Anyway, he wants time to commit himself fully to a relationship. Give that to him and don't rush. Just be there for him and things will work out.

    By the way, the horror scope stuff is a bunch of bull sh*t. If I was seeing a girl who actually believed that stuff and was serious about it, I definitely wouldn't commit to her. It would drive me up the wall.

  • Popped the question? What, asked you to marry him?


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