Getting really tired/sleepy during a date. Advice?

I burn out really fast during social situations, like whenever I have to give a presentation, go out with friends, or attend a party. Usually I tune out my surroundings in my daily life, but during social situations I have to focus on one person/group of persons so all that concentration is really tiring for me.

So when going out on lunch dates, by 3pm I find myself yawning sometimes and my eyelids drooping somewhat. That's not the problem though.

The problem is, I can no longer find myself being able to concentrate on what my date is saying, and my responses are getting shorter and shorter as my brain starts to fizzle out. Not to mention that this becomes a viciuous cycle when I stress myself and burn out even faster.

Is there any mindtricks or advice to get around this?


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  • maybe you are actually getting bored?

    • Definitely not! I love her and would love to spend every day with her. I'm definitely not bored lol. I'm more afraid she is haha, since I'm too tired to engage conversation properly.

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    • I just tried that last week and it worked! Walking along the bay is quite romantic and the breeze kept me awake. Plus point, you don't really need to talk much when walking. :)

    • Thank you bro.. Glad it worked :)

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  • Well, this is interesting. I'm wondering do you get this way at work or other activities? Have you ever been checked out by a doctor or sleep specialist? The issue may actually be biological, so it may be wise to rule that out first. It sounds like you want to be interested but your body won't let you.

    • I think I'm just not used to having such an emotionally-charged day. My friend confessed that he thought I was a very laid-back person until he saw me with a girl and I was completely different. So I'm guessing it'd improve once I'm used to it.

  • take five hour energy

  • i never knew this existed! this is exactly what I have! I want to see what answers you get, because I need help with that too

    • No answers so far except to drink energy lol. I suppose sleeping early the day before a date, drinking energy or red bull, and good planning will save the date.

    • too bad caffeine doesn't do shit for/to me

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