How to shift the energy with a man after a fight?

There's a guy that pursued me for a while, did his upmost best to leave a good impresson and woo me over...always messaged me, cared for me etc.

I was at his place on Halloween and he tried his vey best to cuddle with me, kiss me etc (I think I refused being intimate for over 2 h of cuddling a bit) but I gave up after he forced a kiss...after that one kiss we started being really lovey dovey over the weekend...but we didn't have sex because we agreed that we want to know each other more before taking that step...

Now I'm back home (he lives one h away from me) and he still texts but not like he used to...more short spoken and cold...he made a joke about my sister, asking if she's cute and if I want to introduce her to him...

I got f***ing mad and gave him crap.

Now I regret it so can I shift the energy again?

I mean I bet he thinks I'm a drama can I make him see that I am still the cool and laid back girl I was when we met?

I feel like I f***ed up by giving him crap for such a stupid reason...


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  • just say sorry if I over reacted to your joke. I just felt like for a second that maybe you didn't have feelings for me...and then to show him that there's no hard feeligns you could make a joke back. 'so sure I'll introduce you to my sister'


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