How into me is he? Is he just being friendly?

I have an account on an online dating website. A young man my age, but a few months younger messaged me and we chatted for a few days. He seems very nice and polite - we both wrote a lot back and forth and seem to carry on conversations well. He gave me his number and said to text him. (Usually I'm used to guys asking for mine...)

We've been texting for a few days! He texts me good morning every day and asks me how work is and if I'm doing anything fun. I have to take an exam in a few weeks and he gives me positive cheers to that! He told me about his family and work and we have quite a bit in common.

I asked him if he wanted to go to a football game, since he loves our NFL team and my folks have tickets. He wants to go but needs to check with his boss to make sure he doesn't have to work.

This morning he sent me a picture of a red corvette that came into the shop where he works and said "thought of you :)" He also uses smileys a lot too!

One thing he doesn't do is use my name...I would say "Night John" and he would reply "goodnight sleep well" Is that that huge of a deal?

How into me do you think he is?


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