He texted me to apologize and explain, but then went distant again?

After being mia for the last 2 weeks after not being able to get 'it' up, he finally texted me apologizing for ignoring me. He said he was just embarrassed about what happened. But then when I texted him back .. he never responded. What the hell?


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  • Maybe he is still embarrassed and that's understandable. I think you should just let him know (if you haven't already) that its honestly okay and you don't feel any differently, its not a big deal to you, and leave it at that. After words (or instead of saying all that) just completely move on and talk about other things and don't make it such a big deal.

    When anyone is embarrassed for whatever reason its always nice to have some reassurance, you know... and sometimes its better to just move on. I guess it depends on the situation and the type of person that was embarrassed. In time he'll either come around or he'll stay embarrassed but that's not in your control. All you can do is be there, be empathetic, and hope that he comes around.

  • What did you text him back more or less? Or it could just be that he felt like apologizing but not with the intention of getting back together.