Having a hard time with girls in general?

Okay so first off I should say that I do get a dates, but never had anything long term. I should also say that I am still a virgin. The thing is eventually probably around the third date, these questions come up about me and never having a girlfriend and still a virgin. they also find out I tend to be a home body (loner). It is like after that they just stop chillin with me. I don't know what to do anymore.

P.S. Look up the profile of a virgo and that is me pretty much to a "t"


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  • I'm a homebody as well and still a virgin :), I don't believe in premarital sex. So your not alone. Maybe you just haven't found the right girl for you. Just continue dating :)

  • Out of curiosity,how would that topic comes up on a third date? how would the conversation lead to you telling the girl that you're a virgin?

    I also just got back in the dating field, and I've been thinking about how to bring up my virginity to the guy I'm seeing.

    • Somehow the girl would just bring it up. one time it was random the other time my sign just happens to be Virgo so yeah, this came up and lead to another.

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