Is it weird if I advise a girl I like about her ex boyfriend?

Well there this girl I like she knows how I feel about her though she does not feel the same way and I come to live with it and we are friend...What's bothering me is that she left her good boyfriend for this other douche..I really bothered, this guy she used to dated is a good guy...I don't want to sound as if I want her to date me all I want is what's good for her..So will it be weird if I advise her on whose she dating?

And I knew her long before she even dated the same good guy...and I was never bothered but with this guy she left him for I don't like it a bit...


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  • I don't see it as a problem. To be honest, your intentions are best at heart, you just need to explain to her that you're telling her your advice with good intentions and to be a friend. As long as you're sure you're not being biased then there's nothing wrong with it. You obviously care for her and want what's best for her so what's the problem? Who cares if you used to/still do like her it's not like you're asking her to leave her douche bag boyfriend for you, you're only trying to make her see she was silly for dumping her ex. There's nothing wrong with it. I'd say go ahead and tell her what you want to, just be sure she knows that you're doing it with friendly intentions. Good luck :)


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  • It's none of your business.

    You don't know what goes on behind closed doors. You don't know how either guy is within a relationship and it's not your place to tell her which guy you feel is best for her.

    For all you know the "good guy" smacked her around a bit. You never know so don't say anything.

    • Well its none of business and I don't wanna choose for her who she should date but as a friend her happiness is my business

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    • Yes. Let it be. She CHOSE to leave the first guy for the second indicating that's what she wants. If she asks your opinion by all means give it but if she doesn't don't say anything.

      Would you want someone to tell you bad things about your girlfriend just because they thought that way ?

      Just because some people think we're good with certain people doesn't mean we feel the same.

    • Alright guess I will try to let it be,and thanks

  • Ok I have a guy friend like you who still likes me but accepts that I have a boyfriend and so now we're just really close friends. I'd say you should avoid giving her relationship advice. Assuming she has other friends, I know you might have the best intentions but it's just risky because you could unintentionally be biased or she could take it the wrong way.

    Your job is to be there for her and provide support, but not steer her in either direction. She needs to make her own choices/mistakes. Plus maybe this guy you think is a douche is actually really nice to her like you just can't know the whole story.

    Only give her advice if she directly asks you, but always be there to listen to her/never judge her and you'll make a great guy friend.

    • Thanks and its really good to hear a lady's perspective and I try to be her good friend..

  • I woud stay out of it, she knows what she's doing.


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