Why he doesn't call?

I bet many women have the same question to ask. why the guy doesn't call...

my guy and I have been dating for a couple months, it seems to be nice. And when we don't meet up, we text each other, sometimes he sent me message first, sometimes I take the first step. But he never calls me. I called him twice, and we had a nice talk over the phone. I cannot see what is the reason for that he just texts me instead of giving me a short phone call.~


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  • Two points:

    1. Texting is almost like the acceptable norm these days, if you want him to call you TELL him so he knows this. Unless he knows he doesn't know it bothers you.

    2. If you two have been dating for a couple months you should not be keeping track of who texts who first. It should be a constant communication flow right?

    I sometimes fall into the "texting" hole but I make a point to call instead. For example the girl I'm dating now is out of town and she was texting me before her flight. Well, after a few texts back and forth I called her. It was nice to actually talk and not text back and forth with half sentences.


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  • Sometimes texting is just so much easier than when you call.When you call it can get awkward as for a quick text which you can take your time to think about what you want to text back.