What do you think of coming up for a bit?

Hey guys!

right, I was wondering what you think of a girl inviting the guy home for a bit, for a drink, when he gives her a lift...

of course, they're both interested but take it easy (not dating yet),

and the girl doesn't want to look like anything s gonna happen... but the guy has invited her over the week after.

Shall she then just get out of the car, and be like "thanks" ? is it rude according to you? or should she not accept the lift maybe ?

finally, what about a first kiss in the car ? better than coming up?

thanks for any opinion on it x


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  • Just get out of the car, and maybe be like a peck on the cheek (if you feel like doing it), "thanks", nothing more (unless you're in the mood for more, of course).


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  • I think asking him to "come up for a bit" is very likely to give the wrong impression. Some guys might see it for what it is, but many would not, and might even get annoyed when they realize you actually meant it like you said it. I think you should just thank him and possibly kiss him if you feel like it.

  • If you really think he deserve a kiss from you just for the lift then its your decision.

    You must call him for some treat or accept his treat if given.

    Normally boys don't give lift the girls they don't want to.

    I mean some guys help others for humanity too.



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