How do I know if he's interested, and what I should do to initiate?

There's this guy that I've known since elementary school, and now we're seniors in high school, but I've never really talked to him. I've always found him attractive, and we see each other around all the time because we're both in band. At homecoming a few weeks ago, he ended up approaching me and we grinded a couple times. The connection was amazing, and it made me want to talk to him! We would make eye contact at band practice after that, but it was all a little awkward because we're both very shy. I finally got up the nerve to Facebook message him, and he ended the conversation by giving me his number. I was so happy! I texted him a couple days later, and he was being very flirty. Since then I've seen him at school a couple times because his locker is near mine, and we walked to class and made flirty small talk. It's been a couple days and he hasn't texted me, and I don't want to be clingy by texting him all the time. SO, I'm feeling a little stuck. I know things have just started between us, but I'm sort of getting mixed signals. He acts kind of nervous around me, his friends tease him when I come around, he gave me his number, and he danced with me at homecoming. BUT, he's a little stand-offish, and hasn't made much initiative. I'm thinking that he's shy, but I'm also afraid that he wants nothing to do with me. What can I do to make him come to me? I'm really interested in him, and I want this to work out.


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  • Guys don't take hints, even at my age. At yours, you need to tell the guy how you feel, and what you want him to do about it. Take charge, because he probably won't.

    Walk up, and smile. Say the following with a calm happy smile and eye contact: I like you. You're cool. Nod a couple times like you're answering yourself and agreeing. Then wink and take off.

    • I've always heard that if the guy doesn't take initiative, then the girl shouldn't, so I'm just afraid I'll scare him off! But I'll take that into consideration, thanks!

    • Equality kid! :D. Decide what you want in life, make a plan and make it happen. Ain't nobody gonna do it for ya. Hint:the guys worth having, love a confident interested girl to tell them she likes them. It's a huge compliment.

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