Girls, please help me not be so clingy!

Im a 17 year old boy and I have a huge problem. I'm clingy and I get attached to people way to easy. Its like when I meet a new girl and get her number and we hangout once then I constantly want to talk to her and I text her way to much. I always worry I'm bugging her and I get jealous way easy. I drive myself crazy. I don't want to be clingy because it pushes others away.. I don't even know what to do. This girl I was really liking never ever texted me first and I felt annoying so I stopped texting her. Its so hard not to text her! She never ever texts me first... and yet I still feel so attached. I don't want to be clingy! Girls please help me! What can I do to fix this and what do you girls like and not like?! I hate how I am!


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  • Well we like guys who initiate things but if he texts he likes 5 times a day I would think he's desperate and would hate that.So text her once a day or max 2 times.


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  • Do you have ANY friends?

    You're acting like you don't.

    You have to spend more like 50% of your social time with your friends and 25% of your time on your own, doing your own thing, and 25% with her. That's what you should be aiming for.

    It's a matter of will power. Enforced by the fact that you KNOW being a clingy wuss will get you dumped.