Giving a girl dating advice?

I've met this girl through a dating site, saying that she was just looking at friends. We're getting closer and closer over the past period, sharing secrets & events and even though that happend I'm pretty certain that I haven't ended in the friend zone.

However when we met on this dating site last weekend (now moved to whatsapp) she briefly mentioned that she was flirting with this guy she met, but she didn't knew yet if she actually likes him and such so it's not anything serious.

She did mention though that she'll be going out this evening last weekend and is likely to run into him and that she was wondering what she should do if she did and asked me my advice (last weekend). She didn't mention him ever again, however I'm not sure that to do if she will ask me for advice again.

Since although I don't really have feeling for her yet, there is a real connection and I do have the idea that it really might go somewhere. However if I do help her then I might be ruiening my own chances, but if I don't help her then how am I going to explain it? Seeing as I somehow turned into her 'go-to' guy.


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  • It sucks, but when a girl asks you for dating advice, she is basically saying: "You are a great guy and a good friend! I trust you. Yet, I do not see us becoming more than friends at this stage"

    Whether you actually give her the advice won't make a huge difference. What you could do, is when she asks again for dating advice, say this: "I don't think that guy is a good match with you. You know what? Why don't WE go on a date? :)"

    If she says no or laughs it off, then you know where you stand. If she does have interest in you, she will say yes, even though it may sound like a joke.