How long am I going to be hurting? When is the best time to date again?

So this guy I was dating, ONLY dating ended it Sunday. We decided last night to still be friends. We had been dating since September.

Here is the thing, he was the first guy I ever dated. I felt we had someone special so I let him in...completely (in both ways). So my feelings had grown, and a part of me and he doesn't know this, loves him. I love being with him, he made me happy.

And you know how I feel, that emptiness that was once inside me is coming back again. It was gone when we were together and now it's back.

How long am I toning to be hurting? To be crying? I feel like my heart has been broken in half,

When is the best time to try dating again? He did say there was a chance we could get back together, and holding onto that chance kills me inside. Should I be holding onto the chance, how long?

Any insight to this would be a great help.


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  • well I don't think you should be friends again because I think it will give you this false hope that maybe if you do or say certain things that you two will get back together. maybe you can be friends but you need time to heal.

    how long will you be hurting?

    it sounds like you are taking this hard and so I'd imagine that it will take sometime but just try to move on. understand that feelings come and feeligns go and you will be surprised how fast you start looking at other guys and feel ready to move on.

    I would not hold on to that sliver of hope that he will come back and decide to get with you. like you said that last hope is kind of a silent killer. it doesn't mean you rule it out but you don't count on it. My motto in those situation is "hope for the best, expect the worse or nothing at all"


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  • so why did you break up?

    • He is too busy with his job and doesn't have time for me in the what that I want him to be. It isn't fair to me. He says he wants what is best for me. He says he wants me to be happy. I have been hurting all week.

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    • Well we aren't talking now after everything he said to me and him ending it. We only saw each other once a week for 1-3 hours. Sometimes once every two weeks. And he didn't have the time to see me more cause of his job, he was always so busy.

    • the guy I see is busy as well, and that can suck for the woman I know. I hope the time apart will make him realize how much he misses you and then maybe he might step it up.

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