Where will that take me?

I used to be friends with a girl,and we texted endlessly,and actually had fun texting each other.

Until her birthday I sent her a sweet happy birthday wish,which she replied simply.

Then one time the texting got a little bit shorter,and more awkward,until one time we argued hard,then after that we texted very little.

We stayed like that for some time,and every time we texted she was like "brb",then never came back.

Then about two weeks of that it turned into one sided conversation,I tried to text,and she used to "seen" my messages but ignored them,and never replied,this continued for two months.

Then the exams came,and she wanted help in some things to study,and I helped her in some things,then the next time we texted,she actually replied,but with a "brb",with no sign of coming back.

Until now we haven't texted for about 3 months,neither tried to text,but now her next birthday is 22 days away,I want to ask,if I wished her happy birthday on her next birthday after 3 months of no talk,will that get me any closer? or even more further?


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  • You need to leave her alone.


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