What's your opinion, where would this be leading to?

After our date he posted a status on fb saying "A girl that appreciates shows respect keeps it g & holds down a steady convo now that's wassup(:" he also texted me like an hour or so after our date with a simple hey (:

We talked for that night and the day after he asked me when we were going to hangout again and I said whenever he'd like he said he wanted to that same night (the night after our date) but that he was to tired from work to drive & our neighborhood was to "burnt" to hangout outside we do live in a neighborhood where a "gang" is located but its been calm lately and we'd be outside mine or his house so what's so bad about that? We have mutual friends but he never talked to me in front of them because he was to "shy" which I do believe becase when we all hangout he doesn't really talk to anyone at all.. I have caught him staring at me and iv slow danced with him about 4-5 songs but we never really "talked" in person until our date 2 days ago when he picked me up while he drove I kept catching him looking over at me & when he dropped me off he gave me a hug and let go slowly and I think he was staring at me no kiss happend and no holding hands he did hold the door open at the resturant which was sweet his body always faced me except when he was driving he uses little inside jokes we had during our date in our texts where do you think this will lead to what's your opinion on this?


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  • This could turn into a relationship. I'm not sure if it's going to be serious or not obviously that's up to you if you ever take it to the next level with him. To me it seems pretty obvious that he likes you. His body is always facing you, lets you go slowly after a hug, and he wants to see you more then just once a week which to me these are all pretty good signs in my opinion. I think at this point the only question you really have to ask yourself is whether or not you want this to turn into something more then what it already is. It seems like you should have a good idea of where he stands when it comes to you or the both of you guys I guess I should say? I hope this helped in any way, shape, or form! Good Luck!


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