It's kind of a funny story, do I message him?

SO its kind of a funny story,

I followed a person on twitter, they followed back and messaged me hey.. this person is not just an average joe and he is really attractive. One thing led to another we ended up exchanging numbers and he asked me to hangout but I kept cancelling because I had school and he doesn't and goes on the road a lot.

I ended up ding for him one night that I finally had free, so he just moved to the city and I found out he didn't remember where his hotel was and we were laughing and getting along, bickering like an old married couple about where he lives, anyways I thought going in this is sketchy this is not going to turn out the way I want it to and he's going to end up being a huge prick. To my surprise he was so nice and just a little kid at heart! just wanted someone to hangout with because I assume he doesn't know a lot of people in town. So we went to his hotel and watched sports network, typical, and we made out but I said I had to leave, and he got all pouty but said okay and went to bed and as I was leaving he said love you…. I got pretty thrown off so I said bye? haha

3 days later I was drinking and messaged him and went over to his place and hooked up, a lot. and I had so much fun with him and we talked bit but he kept looking at me and giggling but he wouldn't tell me what was going on. fell asleep together and cuddled a bit, to my surprise he didn't ask me to leave. The morning after we hooked up before we both had to leave but he was quiet this time. So I decided to leave as soon as I could, said thanks and left. I texted him like an hour after and said thanks the night I had fun.

but no reply..

its been 6 days, and he's gone a total of 9 days, do I wait till he messages me and is back, or should I message him? I just don't know what to do because he's actually pretty decent and I don't want to be a hook up but if that's what it was then its definitely my doing, but it would be nice to see him again and get to know who he is.. but I also don't want to look needy and pathetic. So any advice?

Thanks guys! sorry for the length..


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  • Be honest with him, if you think he is a keeper. It sounds like you have been thinking about him, so you could always start there. Obviously, don't go overboard with texts or anything, but not texting him also could give the impression that you aren't really that interested. If you are unsure of the type of "relationship" you two have, then talk about it if you can find the time when he gets back.

    Just something to think about. Obviously no one is going to have all the answers for you~ you have to decide on your own what you ultimately do.


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  • It sounds like a fling to me. Which is fine. You both agreed to that, had a part in it, and had a good time. I've had a couple flings with "nice guys" that said they loved me after way too soon, I think it's just a way to get to see us again or maybe get in there in the first place.