Guys and girls, is it okay for your ex to text you all day?

I have no problem with him texting me but he's just now starting to. Like the 6th we worked out some issues. Ended up talking till 8 pm to 12:30 am. We had like 130 texts Now today on the 8th marks our one month break up. He texted me at 3:00 about our friend and didn't stop talking till 9:15. Today we have 200 messages. We found out he is moving and it's not to far but we found out we have more in on then we thought. He was texting faster then usual. He does have a girlfriend... But was he missing me or maybe regret leaving me?

In common we found out we have more in common then we thought


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  • He does miss you but you broke up with each other for a reason and then he moved on to another girl within a month...

    He shouldn't be texting you that frequently, and if you are trying to get them to break up, you'll be successful if she finds out.

    their relationship is fairly new, meaning they probably are still VERY intimate together.

    He doesn't like her, if he did then he wouldn't be talking to you but obviously you have something he likes and so does she.. That's why he isn't ending it.

    Do you really want to be a "side girl"?

    • I am not trying to break them up I really don't want to be a side line girl

    • Well I don't mean to be blunt , but you are the side line girl.

      I suggest to just find a single guy that you know will respect you. If you start dating him after this you will always have the thought that his is doing it to you.

      And if they break up, which they will in no time because he obviously doesn't like her that much and you start talking again then go for it, but other wise this is just going to end up really messy for all of you.

    • It's okay your right and you make a great point. Thank you

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  • no, it's a bit weird for exes, sorry to break it to ya

    • It's okay and that's what I thought it was very weird

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  • Sighhh he has a girlfriend this won't end well.. your under 18 so that means you there relationship won't last just wait for it to fall apart and vwalah you are back in the picture. just don't break them up. Space your messages out to about 1-3 an hour. he will get the hint. he shouldn't be texting you that much with a girlfriend or talk to him a short time then just don't reply

    • I only reply half of the time. I am trying to break them up I was just wondering if he missed me or maybe he would come back. I turn 18 in a few months.

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    • i would bet her is but he did! if he cares about you. that doesn't happen. No excuses. He made a stupid choice but he didn't choose you ;/ I mean that nicely.. he needs time to grow up I suggest moving on.

    • I am trying my best to move on. Thank you