How do you know when to move on?

Here is my personal example

Should I text her again or delete her # and move on?


Day #1-14 - hours of Skype, long-lasting texting sessions (till 3 am), 2 great dates. GREAT TIME!.

Day #15: Skyped in the morning for one hour but I had to go. When I came back I texted "skype?" but she didn't get back.

Day #16: Jane apologized (it was her dad's birthday). Rest of the day been great!

Day # 17 Been great.

Day #18 My flirting might have crossed the line. She never replied me back.

Day #19-21: [Not wanting to be an annoying dude I texted her 3 days later]

Day # 22: How are you? a bunch of blablabla for 15 min and then... "I have a great plan. What are you doing this Friday?" (she was ONLINE for the next 5 days but didn't reply)

Day #23-27: I stopped texting her.

Day # 28: On Instagram she liked a bunch of my pics and out of curiosity I looked at our FB conversation and it said "seen today".


DAY # 30!: Should I text her again or delete her # and move on?

  • Text her again. Give it one last try.
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Thanks everyone. If she wants to talk, she'll text me. I moved on. I feel so much better now.


Most Helpful Guy

  • What do you mean by your flirting may have crossed the line?

    Honestly it sounds like that was obviously the problem. Then you made it way worse by ignoring her for 3 days. If you were seeing her, and then offended her, not texting her wasn't the solution. Why would it have been annoying? The first thing you should have done was apologized, right away.

    How did she seems when you were talking to her for those 15 mins? Was she distant, just answer simple questions? She may just be hurt/frustrated by what you said. She may want to you to make things right again.

    If you like her, don't ignore her, and work it out. I say give it another shot, but approach the problem, don't ignore it.

    If it still doesn't work out, then just give up on it I guess.

    • That day I asked her about fitness and what she likes in guys. She said that a sexy back would make her wet. So I played along and so did she. So few of my last texts were smt like 'deal, as long as I keep my sexy back and a 6 gonna support me while I stay home looking sexy but you have to dress sexy too...Im a legman so you gotta wear heels and show of them too" :)

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    • That's called humour

    • A little offended and defensive?

      Whatever your intentions, her perspective may be different. You said it yourself that you may have crossed the line, and now your hiding behind 'humour.'

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What Girls Said 2

  • I think she might not want to get too close too quickly or maybe doesn't want to commit that much to you right now. I would would wait. If she ignores you for another 2-3 days, then you might delete her phone number.

    • I didn't text her since the last time she ignored me. I guess I'm gonna move on

  • If you feel she isn't interested just move on dude.

    • At first she was VERY interested but then judging by her replies I start to think that the train is gone.

What Guys Said 3

  • Eh, I wouldn't delete her number. Don't get too attached though. Keep her number, maybe drop her a line in a month or so if she hasn't said anything just to say hey.

  • Did you kiss or sleep together on one of those dates? if you did I may know the issue because it happened to me a few days ago.

    • No I did not. At first I considered her as a friend but then I started to like her and was too slow to make a move

    • Yeah just move on. She saw your messages anyways

  • One question: Have you kissed this girl?

    • If you hadn't gotten anywhere with this girl (i.e., hadn't kissed her) then I think you were unlikely to so moving on is a good call.

    • No I did not. When I like a girl I always turn into an extremely slow sloth. I thought I could do kiss her later.

    • Lesson learned. When you like a girl you need to kiss her as soon as possible. That's the ONLY way to verify that she's interested in you as a potential sex partner. Otherwise you could waste a TON of time in the friend zone. Took me FOREVER to figure this out. Hope you're a quicker study.