How long would you hold on?

I have this amazing woman in my life. She and I have amazing chemistry and communication. We are both artists of different realms we support each others talents to the point of inspiring one another. We communicate every single day through out the day. She is such a sweetheart and I am hers. We been dating for 7 months. We have had 5 weekend dates. When together we don't miss a beat it such a relaxing easy time shared. Our love making is phenomenal, but we don't base it on just sex when together (I am not use to that, lol) .

The issue is she lives in Canada I am in the US but it's only 2 hours away. I cannot go across the border bcs of DWI's on my record. So only she can travel. It doesn't bother her other than finding time to make trips. Which limits us dramatically.

At first she wanted to go slow but eventually things got heated up passion wise. I want more of an everyday personal contact relationship she seems to be using more common sense and is just enjoying what we have when we can have it. like I say we communicate all day everyday but damn how long do I have to hold on? For long term to work she would have to become a US citizen and with all her family in Canada doesn't look promising . what do you think?


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  • you both sound great together, If she is willing then I don't see why she won't, it's only two hours away. I wouldn't throw someone away if you have such a connection. Hold on to this..


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  • Passion often doesn't last, you should deepen this relationship as sooner as possible.

    What do you expect of this relationship ?

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