Unique first date places. And any good stories?

what are some good first date ideas? anything unqiue and any good stories?


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  • This wasn't actually a date, but if it was he would have been winning at dating life.In reality I just caught up with a mate when I went back to my hometown last week.

    We just went to a beach first. In Australia we're lucky enough to have so much coast that there are isolated beaches. We were the only ones, so we just laid in the sun chatting for ages, went for a swim, and went for a walk. I expected it to end there, but he asked if I was hungry. We went and got takeaway noodles, and then he said he wanted to show me something. He took me to this random TV station tower thingy with a wicked view of the town. We ate, climbed the tower, and chatted more while the sun went down. It was f*cking cold so he gave me his jacket - all that cliche sh*t. It was the most romantic non-date I've ever had :D

    Moral of the story: take her somewhere unique where you can chat.

    • so what did you both talk about for the whole day?

    • Well he just came back from Europe after 3 months, and before that I hadn't seen him since before I went to America for 7 months, so we were initially chatting about our travels. Then about uni, and from there it went to into random territories (art, plans, etc).

  • In my opinion lunch or dinner that way you can really talk and get to know each other..

    Hmm my best story is probably when I was out with this guy and we were waiting for our reservations my date went to the restroom and someone came up behind me and yelled out my name I turned around and it was someone I used to date we didn't date long just breifly but we still were talking here and there. Anyway my date came out and saw him and goes "hey man what are you doing here " And then introduces me to his older brother...yahhhh lol that was an awkward one! His brother then goes wait wait you are on a date with him? by then I thought this had to be a joke but uhh it wasn't lol I mean the chances! come on haha


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