My ex girlfriend texted me last night and asked if moved out from my parents place and I said yes.

She is now visiting my parents. I have never heard of any of my ex girlfriends getting together with my parents. Why is my ex girlfriend doing that?

We broke up two months ago and she dumped me. She keeps leading me on with the text message and where or not we are getting back together. Is she still interested or just playing games with me.


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  • You know women sometimes contact their ex to see if they can get back with you. It doesn't mean that she really wants to. I had the same problem... I hadn't seen or hear from her in 3 months an suddenly she called me to meet up. She was telling and insinuating all kinds of sweet things you normally don't say to someone you don't want to be with.

    I think she was testing me. And I fell for it...

    Be careful and don't rush into things. Stay cool and relax, be 100% sure she really wants you back or you get hurt...

    • Thanks I will keep that in mind for sure. Any other advice you can give me?

  • she is interested and trying to get back in , make your decision. If you do not want it to work then you bluntly tell parents and her to stop this it is an uncomfortable and weird situation for me.

    • I want her back in but she is playing hard ball. I need something very juice so that she can't say no to me. Any ideas!

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    • you are very welcome, you got this Champ !

    • My parents got a phone call from my ex girlfriend and told them for me not for me to call her again... WTF! why couldn't my ex girlfriend tell me that and give me my stuff back!