Where can you go for dates if you don't want to eat at restaurants?

This is dating people you don't know like people you met on plenty of fish etc...


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  • What do you like to do? If you can answer that question, then there are probably plenty of date options for you to show someone who you are and how you have fun. If you're an animal lover you might go to the zoo, the aquarium, the dog park, maybe a nature center or something like that. If you're more into athletics you might go for a run at the beach, go rock climbing at a rock gym, play a game of tennis or racquetball, drive some golf balls at a driving range, etc. If you're a free spirit and still a kid at heart, maybe go to the fair, or go race go karts. If you love art go to an art museum or take an art class together for one session at the measure and sculpt some clay. If you love food go to a local food fair or a cooking class. If you're an outdoors type person go mountain biking, hike up a waterfall trail, go shore fishing at the beach. There are millions of date options that give you plenty of face to face conversation time and still let you have a little fun while you're doing it. You just have to figure out what you like to do...

    • Shooting range, paintball, laser tag, bowling, billiards, underground poker game, concert, ice skating, roller skating, etc. There are so many possibilities.

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