Why did he get upset if he doesn't want a relationship?

My guy friend has acted off and on interested for the past year and a half and he said he did not want to date anyone but apologized that he led me on. We still remained friends and got even closer friends as a result. He would still show off/on signs of interest but then he ignored me cold turkey over the summer.

I first called him brother this summer to see if that would help us talk. It didn't, he became more jumpy and jealous than ever.

I don't want to date anyone right now because of I am trying to get over him (I'm trying really hard). Last night, I made the comment when my friend was asking me if I was talking to anyone like for dating-wise. I said "No, you know I don't want to date anyone right now." My guy friend was seated right in front of me but there was a lot of noise going on. Suddenly, he became quiet, shy, and very rude towards me. He also seemed to be getting very upset. I was going to see him today, so I said "see you tomorrow" and he muttered, "see you". When I saw him today, he still looked upset. I don't know why he was so upset. He said himself he doesn't want to date anyone when I told him I had feelings. He also stared at me a couple times today.

I don't know what to do. I kinda want to talk to him to clear the air but I don't know how well he'll talk it. And I don't feel bad because if he liked me, he could have told me all those months. He doesn't know I still like him. What should I do? And why is he upset?


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  • Maybe he was flattered that you liked him, and now he's upset that you don't seem to anymore. Otherwise he may have changed his mind about you recently.

    Frankly, communication IS the most important thing. Can't really solve anything without it.

    • Funny thing is we talked about it a few days later (he confronted me on it) and was like "you know I don't want a relationship that's why I have been giving you space" and it's like '...waiiiiiit a minute, something's not lining up'.

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  • just leave it alone and don't push him on the issue

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