Guys: Do you do this if you're friends with benefits and like the girl?

For the first time my friends with benefits cuddled with me and kissed me. We were also talking about my last relationships and he said... " well if you date me, I wouldn't be like them "

We've never kissed, cuddled, or talked about dating. We spent the entire night and morning talking and cuddling. And he didn't want me to leave.

Could he actually like me? I was confused about if he were saying that we should date or if he was just talking in general.


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  • Of course he likes you.Do you like him,or are you just using him for sex?

    • no, I'm not using him...Im in love with him. lol.

  • It sounds to me that it is quite probable that he likes you. I can't think of any other reason he would say that.


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