Please help? Am I over thinking?

So iv been talking to a guy , we have a few mutual friends who we hangout with everyweekend to be specific its 6 guys & 3 girls and the guy I'm talking to is really shy but he's not really that shy around me anymore we went out on a date and it went really good we texted after that and set up another date but I have come to find out that when he's under the influence he tends to message my best friend on Facebook and when we all go out to parties he asks me to dance but if I don't go he messages her over Facebook asking her to dance he does somewhat flirt with her on Facebook but I'm not sure if she provokes it because right when she found out he was trying to get with me she told me he was a player and that I shouldn't pay attention to him and after our date she wanted to know every single detail? I know I'm not supposed to doubt my best friend but I have a gut feeling that she's provoking him to talk to her? she's the type of girl that says she hates attention from a guy but yet she'll do anything to get a group of guys to notice her? For example I had everyone over at my house for Halloween I ordered pizza and we had drinks the pizza arrived & while I was getting plates out she grabbed the pizzas and took them outside to the guys she used any little excuse to go outside with the guys for example taking the napkins plates cups etc . So am I wrong for doubting her or could there be a chance? By the way out of the girls in the crew me and her are the only single ones could she be jelous that if I get with him she's gona be left alone? What should I think? I can't confront her about it because I don't want her to think I'm a bad friend and I don't want to confront him because I don't want him to think I'm the jelous clingy type of girl.?


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  • tough situation, if I had to guess I would say the guy is kind of flirting with both of u. When you don't give him attention, he goes to the other girl. It's probably the same when your friend doesn't give him attention.

    As far as your friend goes, that's kind of something you should work out. If you are interested in the guy then you should tell your friend that you like him. She should back off at that point if she is a good friend or she might even say that she has feelings for him too but at least it will clear things up

    I wouldn't confront the guy about it as there's not really any upside...


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  • Sh*t girl,I wish you could do paragraphs,That's almost like a long sentence.

    You've got some competition from your "friend".Your almost boyfriend is playing on it,possibly to make you jealous.

    In a situation like this,I just make it clear I'm not bidding in the auction.Take it or leave it,If they're enticing someone else,I'll just walk away.


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