Clarification from ladies who online date please.

I was just curious as to what constitutes "being desperate" when a guy is trying to talk to a woman on an online dating site. Does it apply when a woman responds back to an email or two but then mysteriously stops responding to future emails and the guy tries to send a reminder email or two thinking that she might have just forgot to reply or does it only apply when a guy sees a woman that he wants to talk to but quickly realizes that that feeling only goes one way but keeps trying regardless?

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  • Hmm I wouldn't reccoment doing eithier. on "reminder" email might be okay but I wouldn't do more then that. As a women it drives me crazy becasue if I like you I definitely won't forget to reply you know? the second one honestly please never do it I understand if you have feelings but if someone tells you they don't recipricate them do not keep trying people think it shows loyalty it just drives me crazy! Good luck :)


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  • As long as the "reminders" aren't being sent within, like, five minutes of the original email or anything like that, I wouldn't consider that desperate. If he's flooding her inbox for days on end...yeah, that's definitely desperate.

  • ONE reminder is OK and understandable. More than that is annoying. If she still doesn't reply after the one reminder but is online, then she's not interested. Otherwise, she'd have replied after the reminder.


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