First online meetup. How should I proceed? Urgent help needed

Met this girl online Have been texting back and forth for about a week and we're meeting up today.

My problem : Our texts have been very very flirty, not explicit, but very sexual.

On our first date : How should I proceed? From the way we text, its almost as if we've been sleeping together already. Do I take a couple of step back or flow from my messages and be just as flirtatious?


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  • Just make it a simple coffee meet or whatever. No dinners!

    Judging by what you're saying I imagine awkwardness cause you are gonna meet up in public and being flirty in public is awkward for people.

    Be careful though, a lot of girls online use misleading photos. Hopefully you don't get catfished.


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  • Where are you guys gonna meet up? I mean if you both have a drink before or together doesn't matter, the situation will be more easy - for both of you. I don't mean you should get drunk, but a little alcohol can help to carry on the previous conversations and you can also control yourself if you think you should step back in some point.


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  • It really depends on what you are expecting as an outcome.

    If you just want sex, then proceed as you were.

    Be more subtle if you think you want something more long term.