Ladies, would you want to date this guy?

Ok, here goes!

The guy is 27 years old, but he looks younger than his actual age. He probably looks like a 22 or 23 year old. This is not due to any physical disorder, its just that he's naturally younger looking. And he's also quite childish in his external behavior. Like he enjoys watching cartoons/animated movies, playing video games and playing with kids half his age. He is always bubbling with enthusiasm and his voice is always full of zeal and energy (while speaking over the phone or in person). He also has a good sense of humor, and keeps the atmosphere lively. You can say he's hyper-active. All these things I described, are the typical characteristics of most kids (and maybe teens below 16).

But there is another side to him, which he doesn't show openly. His thoughts are matured beyond his age. He's a good problem solver, and is capable of solving most real-life problems using elaborate planning. And he usually has a plan B or even a plan C, in case plan A fails. He's very serious and committed with his relationships, whether its his family, friends or partner. And yeah, he knows how to treat a woman right.

Another thing about him (which may or may not be relevant) is that he has a decent job with a steady income, although its nothing great or special.

So ladies, would you be fine with dating a guy like this? If yes, then would you want to date him casually, or want a more long term relationship which may lead to marriage? And if you wouldn't want to date him, what are the reasons for that? And what are the changes he needs to make, so that you would date him?

An additional bit of info. This guy is not me, but he's my very close friend who is more like a brother (we're best friends since the last 24 years).

P.S. Although this question is directed towards women, men are most welcome to throw in their opinions as well!

P.P.S. Constructive criticism is welcome, but please refrain from rude or abusive answers/comments because I'm looking for a healthy discussion.


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  • It's hard to say since I don't personally know the guy, physical attraction would be an important factor too.

    I actually like mature guys, usually date people 5 or 6 years older than me (I'm 23 and dating a 29 year old guy at the moment) and I know maturity don't necessarily comes with age but I like guys that are mature enough for their age or even more. So, the fact that this guy is so childish could be a complete turn off, I would have to know his serious side so well or else I would be annoyed by him to be honest.

    You actually think of him as a very smart person, which is super attractive in my opinion so this would totally be a good thing. As for the job, the only thing I care about the job of the person I'm dating is that it makes them happy.

    Something that would really bother me is that he hangs out with kids, although he being good around younger kids could be cute.

    About him looking younger, again I like people older than me, but since he would look my age I wouldn't have any problems with that, if he looks younger than me I probably wouldn't be attracted to him physically.

    In conclusion, if he acted mature enough around me I would like him, and of course we could have childish moments but I would really have to think of him as a mature person living his life according to his age and accomplishing everything he wants in life. About a long term relationship, that's hard to tell, as I said before, I would really have to know the guy and see how attracted I am to him and how things are working out between us.

    • Thanks for your honest answer. As for looks, I can roughly say that he isn't really Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt material, but he certainly looks above average (that's what most people, and even women say). And he doesn't really 'hang out' with kids. its just that he plays with them and entertains them when he gets an opportunity (like when the neighbor's kids or some relative's kids visit his place) So does this extra bit of info help you in refining your answer a bit?

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    • Well, thanks for that haha. And don't worry about what random women online will think about your friend, focus on the girls you actually know and think may be a good match for him and would be able to introduce to him, and ask them this question :)

    • Yeah, I do know a few women personally, who are single at the moment and wouldn't mind dating. And they're all good friends of mine, so I just need to narrow down the options to the ones who are most compatible with him. because he isn't the type of guy to have casual relationships or one night stands. He'd rather prefer dating one women, getting into a relationship her and possibly marry her. So I need to find a girl who also thinks somewhat similar to him. :)

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