Guy just stopped talking to me?

I don't know how it ended for you, but I just got the same situation. I am with my boyfriend for 5 month now. At the beginning everything was perfect. He was the one to push the relationship. He wanted to meet my family, friends. Engage in my hobbies etc. We were texting non-stop. You know all the usual dating things. Then two month ago he got a new job as a manager and everything went downhills. First it took him like four to five hours to respond to text, then a day. First week appologized for every delay of responses, but weeks went by and I got less and less of contacts from him. And now he doesn't even care to respond to my texts at all. If I contact him after 3 days asking if everything is OK he says I am panicing to much and that he is OK and we are OK, he is just busy. After that I stopped contacting at all and it's been 4 days since I haven't heard from him nothing. I am so confused as like two month ago he was so worried of me going for a run so late (I do that on evenings) and now it's like I don't even exist. He doesn't even care if I am OK or not.


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  • I feel his new job has a lot to do withthe decline of him talking to you. I assume he must work a lot and must work longer hours.But it still shouldn't take hi mdays later to text you back or even talk to you.The way he is acting seems like he lost interest or he is just to busy to be interested anymore. He did apologize but still I feel he is making up excuses and is not puttign enough time and effort to make you happy.It's not all about him.The whole routine changed of him texting you non-stop to texting days later.Which is not fair or right. And I feel you do have every right to be worried.If this continues will you still stay with him?Or break up with him?

    • Thank you for your answer. He is still not contacting and I assume he lost interest. 4 days ago I sent last two texts and never got a response. Before if I didn't contact him in 2 to 3 days he sent me a text, but now completly nothing and last text 4 days ago from him was Miss you. How can some miss and not care at the same time.

    • Your welcome. Yeah you are right.I feel 4 days is a way to long to not text somebody back. I also feel it's rude when a guy dosn't text a girl back within a stated time frame. True if he truly cares then he would tect you back right away. I hope he puts better effort in seeing you in person because the texting thing is really hurting things. I hope he really does miss you and is not just saying it just to be saying it.I hope things work out between you and him.

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