I met this guy online a month ago. He left his number for me to call, but because I was so busy I didn't have

Time to call him. He emailed me again inquiring why I haven't called. Anyway, I did and we had been conversing for about 2 weeks. We had not planned on meeting each other any time soon, but since a major event was happening in the area where I stay, he decided to attend. We meet in person and all was going well. Had a perfect day. We both were really into each other. Calling in the middle of the night and throughout the day. We had plans to meet up on another day and it didn't go so well. I got mad at something small, at the time I thought it was huge. We had an argument and I called it quits. That was not my intentions, don't know why I said that. He rejected any phone calls and text messages from me following the argument. I realized I was wrong. And texted him to apologize and asked if he was still interested. He responded he was still interested but I needed to rid myself of that attitude and stop taking things out of context. I haven't heard from him since. What should I do?


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  • He's either

    a. not into you anymore because your problems on the last date. He was being polite in your last text, but really, you've blown this one. Time to move on.


    b. he is waiting for you to show him that you've "rid yourself of that attitude" and indeed can "stop taking things out of context." If you have do so, contact him again and explain how you've put thought into this, what you are sorry for (don't make excuses, show accountability; guys LOVE this), and how you are going to be different now. This of course, hinges on you meaning it, as well as you actually screwing up last time with him. If he's just blowing it all out of whack and you're NOT sorry and you haven't thought about how you really DO want to treat people differently, then don't bother.

    Even if its b, you still might have blown it. But don't sit around wondering...show him that you're a nicer person than you behaved on your last date who learns from her mistakes; you might salvage this. But if you choose B but lie to get him back (meaning, you're not sorry/able to change) well, don't expect much out of this relationship. You'll just get mad again, and he'll be already sick of it.

  • Move on to new camping grounds. Gotta be careful losing your religion too soon as he might take that out of context.


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