I need help with my parents about my boyfriend?

How can my parents judge my boyfriend with knowing him and saying I shouldn't be with him. Why do they do that for? They won't let me have a date with him either. How can I convice them to let me have a my date with him? They say didn't have a problem with the age difference when we first started to date. But now they are having problem with it how can I tell them the age doesn't matter to me and they shouldn't care either? cause I love this boy and I'm ready to be his wife


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  • I guess saying wife is going to fast. I'd start at girlfriend? I'm in the same ditch and I think inviting his parents to meet yours will let your parents know where your boyfriend iOS coming frim

    • No we both are ready for the commit. my parents won't let me around him only way I'm around him is at work... my parents won't go anywheres that deals with him or his family

    • Sometimes you just have to prove to them your ready for whatever and hope their with you 100%. That what growing up means, making decisions that benefit and move you along no matter how people view it. You have to fight for it I believe.

    • I have tried too but they won't let me live my own life

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