He said she said drama !!

So I have been seeing this guy for

6 months now, we have had our ups and downs

But I can truly say we have feelings for

Each other and care for each other

Anyways so my best friend is dating his

Cousin, they have been dating for a year now

She recently just opened up and told me how

Much sh*t she knows about her boyfriend cousin

Which is the guy I'm seeing, she also told me

That her boyfriend told her that all his cousin wants to

Do is f*** me and am just another girl to him!

Thing is she made me promise her that I

Won't open my mouth and comfort him

(And of course I won't since I promised her)

But now am stuck I can't ask him if what I

Heard is true and I honestly don't 100%

Believe his cousin becouse I know he doesn't

Like him !

What to do or what to think am lost right now !?

But I know am ending it with him for sure

Even though my friends told me not to

Believe everything I hear.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well since you've made up your mind, not much I can offer.


What Girls Said 1

  • This look like a poem lol

    If you've already decided to end it for sure, what is exactly your question? You've been together for six months, shouldn't you be able to tell by now if it's all about sex?

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