Why my boyfriend has suddenly disappeared?

So... It started yesterday when I wrote and my boyfriend didn't answer. I suppose that he was tired and fell asleep during our conversation. Today I was waiting for him to text me (as usually) and well...at least explain why he didn't reply me etc. He didn't send me nothing even at 4 p.m. when I was asking "what's wrong? did I say smth?" I am not used to this because he texts me every day... He didn't even reply later when it was like 7 p.m. Then I just called him, he picked up but then just disconnected at the same moment. I tried to call him later 2 times but he didn't pick up. I have send a message on Facebook but he doesn't even reply to that, however he has been on Facebook. Ahh, I just don't understand how one person, who cares so much about me, just disappears.

I want to say that nothing really happened before this. We didn't have a fight or something else. It's like he is not on Earth anymore.
Few hours ago he sent me a text message. It says... that he isn't in the town right now, he won't be able to meet me. He is sorry but he just can't say anything else.

That's it. How can I understand what he's up to from this message? Is it really hard to explain in one sentence where he is and what has happened? It drives me crazy, I am afraid that he could dump me but nothing really has happened. :(


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  • How long have you been dating? It's normal to have days where you and your boyfriend don't talk. That happens in my relationship fairly frequently, even though we're very close and love each other very much! Being in a healthy relationship means that both people are happy with each other but also completely secure with themselves. Everybody needs a little alone time! Wait for your boyfriend to contact you :)