Why would a guy give you his number and to you to text him instead of getting your number?

I'm curious. We have been talking a lot on fb. We hung out once and he has been mentioning of hanging out again. He found out yesterday I don't drink but after that he still told me we should go downtown someday.

He said he was getting offline and to text him so I did. He responded but after that he took hours to respond and when I would respond he would take more hours. I texted him today only letting him know there is school and he said thanks and I didn't reply back. He likes some of my status still.

Why would he give me his number and take long to respond. He talked a lot more on fb.

Is this because he don't like me or he is seeing how far I will go to talk to him or because he found out I don't drink so he is cutting me loose?


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  • OMG ! , The text delay is to appear ' Not needy ' , as for giving his number to you, you have to give some thing bigger back . A compliance professional trick .Affectif


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