When on a date, does it bother you if the other person doesn't eat much?

I can totally see how this could be annoying (especially for some guys), so be honest--does it bother you or are you chill about it? It seems a few guys I've dated get a little put off...

The thing is, I don't like eating so much. I'm not a salad chick, but I'm definitely a soup OR half a sandwich, or half this plate type of girl. It is important to me that I maintain a certain body weight--for several reasons: I am very invested in personal fitness, I feel good when I'm thin, and I need to be physically comfortable to perform on stage. Also, I figure it is important to my date that I look good, because I've noticed I get more attention the thinner I am... Honestly, it really puts me off when a guy seems bothered that I'm not one of those idealized beer-drinking, giant hamburger/ribs-downing girls (all the respect to them though). Why does he even have to care?


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  • Sometimes if I go out to lunch with my boyfriend and I'm simply not that hungry and hardly eat he seems to feel awkward that he's stuffing his mouth and I'm not. I honestly don't see the big deal, its something that I don't quite get either...

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