Did boyfriend lose interest? Overreacting?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a month now. He's sweet and a gentleman. I'm his first girlfriend. He's geeky and a gamer. He usually texts me especially first. I texted him about the next day which he wanted to hang out at my house (he's been begging especially to meet my family) so I invited him finally yesterday. I texted him and he replied minutes later asking me how I am and what's going to happen tomorrow. He was playing video games and he didn't reply to my message hours later.

The day he came to hang out, We went to the movies which was good and we came back to my house and watched the movies he brought upstairs. We cuddled and it was comfortable and just a good day/night which he kissed me good night when his mom came to pick him up. The next day which is today, he hasn't texted me. It's making me worried. I don't want to text him because it will make me seem "annoying" "clingy" "needy". Did I do something wrong? Did he lose interest?


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  • just give him time to miss u,guys are complicated sometimes, he is probably playing his game,so just take things slow,he will call you if he really likes u..don't chase him,guys hate that

  • I don't think he's lost interest, he probably doesn't want to be annoying towards you.

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