Why do people have to be cruel to each other? Family/Friends/Dates/Lovers/Strangers. Why?

Just hate it. People are really cruel to each other, all kinds of people, for every reason in the book. Just hurts. Wish people could be better to each other. I didn't think that was the way this world was supposed to be. How WE'RE supposed to be! We're supposed to be "Humans"..not "Inhumans". Just hate that. The way the world is, we're getting closer to the brink, have no idea how close we really ARE. We could be REALLY close, and not know it, til we go over the edge. In our little worlds, we think all is fine, til the big explosion/virus/meteor/alien invasion/whatever..then it's thru.."we're" thru..just wish we could all change, be better to ourselves, and to each other, and to the world, before it's too late..it's just sad. Wish people were nicer to ME in my life, BESIDES the rest of the world. What are your thoughts on it? How can we become a better species, and make our lives, those closest to us, and others, better? I try to be nice, helpful, and don't crap on people till they crap on me..doesn't seem to work. What about you? What do you do to help others? What are your ideas on how the "Human" race, can grow, evolve..become more "Human"? Whatever your ideas, or things you do, keep doing them, and spread the word. Maybe..just maybe..we can save ourselves, before it's too late..I really hope so..I'm beginning to lose my "caring" for people too..and I hate that..just makes me feel bad. Anyway, tc, have a great week, and be good to yourselves, and each other. Night! ;) :) Rick


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  • Be the change you want to see.

    • Yeah, I've see that quote before too. It's a good one. I'm trying to do that, even have some future plans to do that. Who knows if they'll pan out, but worth a try. Wish everyone did that, things would probably change pretty fast..for the better,hopefully. Like ripples in a pond..one thing, afecting others, who affect others, etc, etc. IF we all did that, we might get what MOST of us really want..World Peace. Hope we all do that..

  • "Wish people were nicer to ME"

    That's what you're really getting at, not the altruistic title.

    "don't crap on people till they crap on me..doesn't seem to work."

    Of course it doesn't. You only make things better by going above and beyond that. Paying back crap for crap just results in never ending cycles of crap. You have to be good to those who treat you like crap, in order to improve things. And that's hard, which is why there's so little improvement.

    • uh no man, I only said that, as PART of my question! Yes, I want the world to be nicer to each other, ok? You're reading into what's not there. You say not to crap on people, that it makes it worse, and yet, the FIRST thing you say to me, is that I'm not being altruistic. You're wrong..I AM trying to be. I could have made MY struggles the MAIN issue..easily..but didnt..YOU did..See? As for the rest, you're right. People have to try to get along, put aside our differences, and be better.."Human".

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    • I was just trying to put something "positive" out in the "universe". There's so much "negative", I was just trying to help. Fine. NO problem. I don't HAVE to help..I can make it worse. If that's the way people want it..np..I'll give it to them! World dies! bye bye! :( You're what's wrong with the world! And THAT'S the reason we have probs! Np..it won't be for long! buh bye! enjoy your "circle" for awhile..it's ove rsoon, you hav no idea..see you in hell..

    • "That's fine. But you didnt' SAY that."

      Yes I did. It's right there in the first line of my response to your criticism of my original answer "I'm not interested in trying to change the world"

      From which you leapt like a f***ing lemming to : "Would you try to change things, if things were bad for YOU, or someone you care about? Or just accept the crap in life...and die from it?"

      I refuse to discuss anything further with someone who can't follow basic trains of thought written in plain English.

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