Is he taking me for granted already? If so, how to fix it?

We went on 6 dates and he asked me to see him exclusively and saying relationship title will come soon.

Guys who are chasing me are texting me non stop. and he only sent me one text tonight to say good night, I replied to that text and he didn't respond.

Honestly being chased / beginnign of a relatiojnship seems to be far better than being in exclusive ones... I feel like I've been downgraded...

Is it worth talking to him about it? or just keep seeing other guys



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  • it sounds like you prefer the chasing and the courting as opposed an exclusive relationship.

    it seems like you enjoy that doting attention you get when a guy is chasing you as opposed to what happens once in a relationship where often times that chase ends and some guys may seem less doting then they were when they were pursuing you.

    I think it's maybe better to talk to the guy rather than just move on, try in some way to communicate that you'd like to have a little more back and forth conversation. I mean if you like this guy I wouldn't take the risk of going back into the dating pool without at least addressing how your feeling with him

    • If the cooling off pattern is the norm. This explain why people cheat on their partner cos the excitement is gone :(

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    • I grade his 10 before and now 5.

      My effort is in how to make him look good in public. Not how much I contact him. But I'm texting more frequent and longer text now...

    • I used to bust his chops a lot but now I show him a softer side of me. Guess he got bored

  • It sounds like you want to stay single.

    • That's his fault or wait. May be it's my fault for agreeing to see him exclusively that's why he is getting lazy. We aren't even having sex yet. Wait till sex is involved he will be even lazier.

      Perhaps that's why I wanna stay single so no one can ever take me for granted

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    • Yea I always thought being exclusive means relationship... He stopped seeing other people since date 2 and I believe him.

    • Well hopefully he starts giving you more attention or evaluate if you want someone that will. Also initiating contact with him sometimes is good too. I wouldn't initiate contact with a girl every time. I would lose interest.

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