The truth behind, "I don't know how I feel"?

So I met a girl this year and we quickly became really good friends. We began texting a lot and it moved to start to hang out a couple times a week. I was never getting into it looking for a relationship, yet started to grow really strong feelings for her. We had a weird late night conversation this weekend and decided that maybe we should take a step back. After not talking to her the next couple days she texted me one night asking if I could give her a ride, which I did. She sent me a text later saying thank you and then said she felt really bad for everything going on and that she’s just a stupid girl who has no idea what she wants. She went on to say she has a good guy that is always there for her and still manages to be scared and mess it up. I’ve always known the “Don’t know what I want” line means she doesn’t have feelings for me. But it just seems different this time and was wondering if anyone has any opinions different from what that line truly means! Thanks!


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  • It means that there things about you that she isn't sure she wants to fully commit to.

    These things could be anything.

    Maybe she doesn't want to be in a relationship regardless of how good you are.

    Maybe you have a quirk that she can't stand.

    Maybe you aren't that attractive to her.

    But she's made it pretty clear that she doesn't know what she wants, but she knows enough not to be in a relationship right now.

    IMO you should simply ask her what the negatives are that are confusing her so much. Ask her if she's afraid of commitment. Ask her if she simply doesn't want you.

    None of us know her, all we can do is speculate.


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  • It sounds like she does have mixed emotions and is torn between you and the guy that she was talking about. If she had no feelings for you at all I don't think she would text you asking you for a ride because all that that would do is start a bunch of communication between the two of you all over again.

    I would say she doesn't know what she wants and if I were you I would give her some time and then maybe try to have a serious conversation with her about it.

  • Speaking from experience and observation, if a girl has feelings and wants to be with you nothing will stop her from that.

    If she's unsure I'd say you're bordering closer to "no".

  • Her line is clear.. she doesn't know what the heck she wants. You're bot still young, and that's normal. Chances are, if she really liked you, she would fully pursue you. It seems you might be the nice guy she thinks she should be with, but her heart might b looking for someone more exciting/dangerous/adventurous.


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