Confused after first date?

I met a guy through a mutual friend (it's my roommate, and his best friend). She'd been trying to set us up for a while. She always talks about how he's such a good guy & not a player. One night he met up with us while we were out at a bar and we hit it off. Later one we made out and slept on the floor of this house together but nothing more, and he said he didn't want to go farther because he wanted to see me after that night and didn't want to jeopardize that.

So we texted over the next week and a half, when he asked me on a date. We just went out on Saturday. We spent a couple hours at dinner having good/fun conversation, and then he invited me to go over to a friend of his to hang out after. We went over there, had more fun, a drink or two. He seemed interested & was being a total gentleman. He alluded to me continuing to hang out with the group the rest of the night and stay at his friends place with him, but I declined.

He takes me back to my car, and we made out a little bit. I may have initiated it more. He stops in the middle and asks if I"m sure I want to go home and that he wanted me to stay. He said he wouldn't try anything physical with me if I didn't want to. I said I really wanted to, & I know we'd spent the night together before, but I didn't want to rush anything. He said he understood and I left.

He texted me all the next day up until yesterday afternoon. Now? I've heard nothing from him. I was the last to text and he never replied. I normally wouldn't fret, but this is longer than usual even for him. I'm wondering if he maybe decided he wasn't interested on the date and just didn't want to be rude by not texting at all. Or maybe he was just trying to hook up and that's it. I'm not sure. I'm feeling rejected though :/ Any thoughts?


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  • Dont worry! guys do that all the time they are not huge texters like us just give him time :) no reason to worry here