Guys, will he care if I'm not as good as him?

I'm dressing about this guy and I don't know why! It's not like me.

Here's the gist: We started texting a couple months ago casually and then one day he said he couldn't talk anymore because he met someone else. It was no big deal and I just deleted our text history.

A couple weeks ago I get a text apologizing for that and he's single again and wants to talk. I started texting him and a few days ago we had our first date. I liked him, but I felt surprisingly intimidated. I don't know why I felt so nervous but I felt like I really had to prove my worthiness to him which sounds so dumb. I think the fact that he dropped me before is messing with me even though I didn't care then.

We talked mainly about him the whole time, but I learned that even though he's just out of college - he has an awesome job, 2 cars, owns his own house...his family is rich, his siblings are super fit and well off. I just started feeling so inferior! I'm never like that. I'm a really confident person!

He really went out of his way to make it the most perfect date and was remembering a lllll these random details about me from when we talked before. He was really nice to me, but I was so nervous I was happy when the night ended.

Am I being crazy? Is it normal to feel so inferior if you start to like someone? Do you care if the girl your dating isn't as well off?


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  • You're every bit as good as him. Remember that. Money or not, you're a human being who deserves the same amount of love and respect. He is well off financially.. that's it.. he's not better than or less than you. Don't psych yourself out or worry about something as insignificant (in the big scheme of things) as financial status.


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