How do you know if you're too attached?

So to follow my trend of asking about best friends, here's another one.

I have a "best friend" who I care about a great deal. She's quite possibly the best person in my life.

I was recently told that I'm far too attached to my best friend, and that I care way too much for her. She kissed one of my friends at a party a few weekends ago, and I flipped out. She is bi, and has a girlfriend who she is happy with. I've never seen her happier. I didn't want that ruined so I got mad when she kissed my guy friend. That night, I talked to one of my good friends and he said that all night, I was trying really hard to make sure everything was perfect for her. That maybe, I wasn't acting like a best friend, but more like a boyfriend.

I gave that some thought, and maybe my perception is wrong, but I thought best friends were pretty much boyfriend/girlfriend minus all the drama/intimacy... But I'm willing to accept that I'm wrong.

Am I too attached to my best friend? Should I "not care so much" about her, and just put some distance between us? If so, how should I go about doing that?


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  • You are too attached when you realise that you might be.

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