She initiated but didn't reply?

Ive know her for 3 months and have seen her many times. She has texted me this week everyday and she has been the one initiatibg them. They have been fun so its not boredom I think. Last night we was talking about 10 min back and forth texting. Then it kinda ended awkwardly and half and hour passed I sent her a question and this mornibg she saw it but didn't reply? Why?


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  • maybe she fell asleep on you which would explain why it ended. As for the morning text, I know that sometimes I will read a message but then get sidetracked and forget about the text completely. Sometimes it will be days before I even remember that the guy texted me. By that time, its too late to respond. So, I usually don't. If you still feel unsure about her actions, just simply ask why she is always so hot and cold with you. Don't bombard her with it though. smooth it in. if you feel like you don't want to deal with it anymore, just stop responding to her. it will give her a chance to feel the shoe on the other foot.


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